Which Supplements Should You Be Taking?

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Cissie Wetmiller
December 11, 2023
Which Supplements Should You Be Taking?

Cissie Wetmiller


December 11, 2023

Hi there! Nutrition Coach Cissie coming to you here to answer a few questions about supplements! 

In the fitness and wellness world, there can be a lot of talk around supplements- which ones should you take, how much, which brands are legit, etc. In this blog, I want to highlight 5 supplements that I take regularly and explain a tiny bit about WHY I take them! 

Before we dive in, I will always stand by the belief that you should EAT your nutrients. You should focus on eating a quality, well-rounded diet, full of whole foods that are packed with great nutrient value and tons of vitamins. But in today's world, the quality of our food is not what it used to be, and sometimes even with strict dietary compliance, it's hard to get the optimum vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need from our diets alone, so this is where supplementation comes in. I'm going to dive in 5 supplements that I take regularly that have had a noticeable impact on how I feel, how my body looks, and how I'm able to perform in the gym.

Magnesium. Studies show that 80-90% of Americans are magnesium deficient & when we are under a heavier stress load, our bodies actually burn through magnesium very quickly, which causes the deficiency to worsen. Blood work from a medical professional can give you precise input on your current levels, but if you are someone who suffers from irregular bowel movements, poor sleep, lots of stress, muscle aches, or high blood pressure, a magnesium supplement may be a good thing to look into adding into your daily regimen. I personally take this brand of magnesium. It is a full spectrum magnesium, meaning that it contains 7 different forms of magnesium in 1 capsule. Take 2 capsules before bed and get ready for the deepest, best sleep of your life! {I'm not lying!!} You'll wake up feeling restored and refreshed when you add this supplement in before bed! Click Here to check out the brand I take- Magnesium Breakthrough Supplement.

Omega 3s. Because of the standard American diet, many people have high levels of inflammation in the body & most people are walking around and don't even realize it. If you're eating packaged foods & processed sugar chances are you are dealing with some degree of systemic inflammation in your body. Step 1 would be to reduce these types of foods, and focus on more whole foods. Step 2 would be to add in an Omega 3 supplement. If you are someone who struggles with chronic joint paint, memory or mood disorders, ADHD, anxiety, and many other ailments with a root cause of inflammation, adding in Omega 3s may be great for you! An added perk of Omega 3s is that they increase the metabolism- hello more fat burn! I recommend trying either the capsules or the flavored liquid which can be taken alone or added into smoothies or yogurt. I personally use both of the supplements linked here- and do love them! 

Whey Protein. Whey protein is the gold standard when it comes to building lean muscle tissue. If you are working out and looking to replenish your muscles in order to help them to grow back stronger, you need to be taking whey protein daily, especially after you workout!! BUT, here's my disclaimer>> there are a LOT of brands that are full of CRAP ingredients that are terrible for you. I have found that Ascent Whey Protein is a very clean brand with minimal ingredients and no crap! Check them out here! When using whey, remember, this is a supplement. Stick to 1 serving per day, and meet the remainder of your dietary protein goal through protein that you chew. :)

Creatine. Creatine is an amino acid found in animal protein and studies show that it has remarkable impact in helping individuals increase strength and gain muscle. I have personally found these claims to be true. You do have to give yourself about 2 weeks of consistent use for your muscles to feel the full impact of the supplement, and you have to maintain taking it daily in order to continue reaping the benefits. If you're someone looking to gain muscle and increase strength, this one would be a great supplement to add into your routine! Check the brand I use here! 

BCAAs. Formally known as Branch Chain Amino Acids, supplementing with these helps to give power and energy to your muscles during workouts, as well as helps you increase lean muscle mass. Take 30 minutes before a workout, and you are likely to notice that you can squeeze out a few more reps than you usually do & perhaps increase your weights you're using! I have personally noticed better muscle stamina when I take these before I workout. HERE is the brand I use! 

To wrap things up, I NEVER recommend eating a poor, unbalanced diet and then looking to add in supplements to make up for being undisciplined. It doesn't work that way. I recommend focussing on eating plenty of nutritious food, enough protein, & minimal processed foods. Once you've mastered this 80-90% of the time, look into adding in supplements to bridge the gap that you may be missing from an already balanced diet.

If you're looking for a nutrition coach to give you one-on-one guidance in regards to your nutritional and fat loss goals, reach out! I'd love to set up a free intro with you and help you get started reaching your goals! 

**I am not a medical professional and none of the statements made in this article are meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any person or any disease. Please consult with your medical professional before beginning any new supplementation routines.

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